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a confused millennial

wandering about, trying to figure it out and typing it all along

Written thoughts

Raped at 13. Harassed and assaulted all throughout.

I was 13 when a stranger forced himself upon me. But he isn’t the only one to have left a permanent stain “No,’’ I say. “I don’t want to.’’ But he doesn’t seem to listen. Half-asleep and still drunk, I’m suddenly fearing the worst. And no one is around to help me. During the process […]

Left fighting on our own

PART II Sexually assaulted, alone and degraded, I had suddenly become a liar The data paints a bleak picture. In the last hour, 7 people across England and Wales were exposed to some kind of sexual violence; an overall number of roughly 58’000 individuals each year. Out of these, only 1’925 cases will end in […]